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            Shenzhen Brisk Co., Ltd., is a through the ISO9000: 2000 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environment system certification of high-tech enterprises. Bright and spacious environment, clean and tidy, all in accordance with anti-static mode to build; and in accordance with international certification system requirements, strictly control the production process, strict quality control, from incoming to finished products out of the Treasury have formed a more perfect management system.

            Since its inception, the company has introduced the domestic and foreign advanced technology and talent, is committed to the development, production, sales of high, refined, new electronic products. And Taiwan, Japan, and the United States electronic counterparts in several companies establish strategic alliance and joint research and development with the most scientific and technological content of a variety of electronic products, products include: health small household electrical appliances, digital products, electronic gifts and LED light-emitting products.

            Adhere to the road of brand development strategy, Bo Tao TM is boruisite technology company's brand series one, is the company's market characteristic, Yanzhua quality, attention to management, comprehensive services, product design novel and unique, it is the company to open and in-depth market at home and abroad of strong backing. Abundant human resources for the company provides a strong product development ability and production capacity, to ensure the company to market changes make rapid response and adjustment, and timely development of new products to adapt to the market, in the industry come to the fore, to maintain its leading position.



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